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Pa'lante Therapy, Inc.

Dr. Yanira Hernandez, EdD, LCSW, PPSC 

CA Licensed Clinical Social Worker #71321

¡Hola! Welcome to Pa'lante Therapy, Inc. I am a bilingual, bicultural licensed therapist based in Los Angeles, CA and the Founder/CEO of Pa'lante Therapy Inc. I center my work with BIPOC individuals with an emphasis on Latinx communities. I am an ally to the LGBTQIA+ and undocumented/DACAmented communities. 


I am passionate about empowering First-Generation Latinas/Women of Color (WOC) college/graduate students and professionals. My areas of specialty include trauma (e.g. racial trauma, intergenerational trauma, childhood trauma, complex trauma in immigrant populations), inner child work, anxiety, depression, stress, professional identity related issues, and imposter syndrome (imposter phenomenon/ perfectionism). Issues related to imposter syndrome may include:

  • Difficulty internalizing success

  • Self-doubt

  • Trouble setting boundaries at work

  • Perfectionism

  • High self-criticism

  • Self-sabotage

  • Difficulty having self-compassion

  • Feeling not "good enough"

  • Lack a sense of belonging in professional or academic spaces


Whether you're in or starting college or graduate school, starting a new career, or simply navigating your professional identity, you may be thinking, "Do I even belong here? Am I not good enough?" Life transitions coupled with imposter syndrome may bring up anxiety, depressive thoughts, or even traumatic stress. Digging deep into the origins of imposter syndrome may uncover wounds from intergenerational trauma, childhood trauma, or environmental triggers (i.e. systemic oppression, micro-aggressions, racism). As a bilingual, bicultural therapist, I draw from my lived experiences of navigating two different cultures to empathize and support my clients navigate cross-cultural conflicts. 

If you are a First-Generation Women of Color who is ready to heal from generational wounds and find meaning and joy, schedule a free consultation. Together, we will understand the negative behaviors developed over time, overcome the past, and identify solutions to live life authentically and with confidence while upholding your multiple identities and values. It is time to reclaim your worth and restore yourself to the person you were always meant to be! 

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Individual Therapy

  • All services are provided online via HIPAA compliant software

  • Services in English & Spanish

  • Culturally-inclusive, trauma-informed care

  • Evenings/Weekends available

Immigration Psychological Evaluations


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How To Get In Touch

It takes great courage and strength to seek mental health support. If you wish to move forward and would like to work together towards your healing and journey of self-discovery, please schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation by clicking on the link below. You may also call (424) 261-1572 or send an email to


Please note that private & confidential information should not be shared by email. If you’re experiencing a mental health crisis or a psychiatric emergency, please dial 911. 


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