Dr. Yanira Hernández
¡Hola! I’m Dr. Yanira Hernandez, EdD, LCSW, PPSC, and I’m a bilingual, bicultural Latina therapist serving the Latinx community in California via telehealth. I founded Pa’lante Therapy, Inc. with my gente in mind.

Fueled by my lived experiences as a First Generation Latina, I specialized in helping BIPOC individuals with an emphasis on Latinx communities, heal from generational wounds and find meaning and joy. My services include individual therapy, immigration psychological evaluations, femtorship coaching to Latina students and recent graduates in mental health health-related fields, speaking engagements, and consultation.

Let’s collectively embark on a journey of healing, empowerment, y fortaleza… Pa’lante en comunidad!
Let’s Work Together Towards Your Healing And Self-Discovery.

My Journey And Education

As a proud Brown gal, I’m committed to the healing and liberation of BIPOC communities.

Although my journey in the helping profession began since childhood supporting my monolingual Spanish-speaking immigrant parents, my journey in higher education began at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Women’s Studies and Education Studies. There, I realized the transformative power of education and its potential to empower individuals and communities.

My thirst for knowledge led me to the University of Southern California (USC), where I achieved a Master’s degree in Social Work and a Doctorate in Education with an emphasis in Educational Psychology. In addition, I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and I have a Pupil Personnel Services Credential (PPSC). These degrees aren’t just academic achievements; they represent my unwavering commitment to understanding the human mind and the intricate dynamics of our diverse communities.

As a bilingual (trilingual if we include Spanglish) and bicultural therapist, I’ve provided mental health services to BIPOC communities since 2011 in various settings, including community mental health clinics, hospitals, runaway and homeless youth shelters, schools, and private practice. My approach is rooted in cultural responsiveness and trauma-informed, anti-oppressive practices.

As the proud daughter of hardworking class undocumented immigrants from Puebla, Mexico and a First Gen graduate and professional from South Central Los Angeles, I not only empathize with my clients but also actively work to decolonize therapy and mental health practices through healing and education. Beyond therapy, I am an educator, offering support to First-Gen Latinx college/graduate students through mentorship and training master-level trainees.

When I’m not in the office, you’ll find me savoring quality time with my husband, family, and amigxs. I have a few superpowers too – weight-lifting, traveling, dancing, and indulging in morning cafecito!

… y como dice nuestra gente, siempre Pa’lante!

How To Get In Touch

I’m Here To Help.

It takes great courage and strength to seek mental health support. If you wish to move forward and would like to work together towards your healing and journey of self-discovery, please schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation by clicking on the link below:

You may also call or send an email:
(424) 261-1572 yanirahernandez@palantetherapy.com
Speaking Engagements
Consultation Services
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Dear First Gen’s/children of immigrants, choosing yourself does not mean we don’t appreciate or acknowledge our parents’ sacrifices.

Whether it’s the type of career choice you make, who you choose to love, where you choose to live, when you decide to do what you want to do… remember that honoring yourself does not make you an ungrateful child. Many of our parents immigrated to new homelands in order for us to uncover our own gifts and live life authentically. ❤️

Anytime juxtaposing feelings come up for me about “feeling ungrateful if I don’t follow my parents’ hopes and dreams for me,” I gently reframe my thoughts and remind myself that I deserve to live my life authentically while holding space and so much love for my amá y apá ❤️

As children of immigrants, we are consistently learning, unlearning, and relearning and that’s okay. 🥰💕

Con mucho cariño, 
Dra. Hernández @palantetherapy 🫶🏽

⛔️ See disclaimer in highlights regarding social media posts. 

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One week left of school! Fellow educators, school social workers, school psychologists, school counselors… how are y’all holding up? 😬

Typically towards the end of the school year it is when we see an increase of crises, behavior difficulties, students dysregulated especially seniors as they’re transitioning to adulthood, while we’re wrapping up reports, documentation, and everything in between. 🥲

Enjoy Summer! ☀️

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Mental Health Awareness Month is almost over but we are continuously en la lucha to destigmatize mental health/illness in the Latine community. 💚

Facts about mental health is the Latine community 
▪️60 million Latine living in the U.S. 
▪️Nearly 22%  have a mental illness 
▪️Only 10% contact a health professional about their mental health 🤯 

Barriers to accessing mental health support and services include:
▪️stigma (silence & shame) 
▪️representation of Latine health providers 
▪️legal status
▪️lack of health insurance 

There are multiple avenues for healing. One way is therapy. One of my favorite resource that I share often with friends, family, and community is the @latinxtherapy directory. Here you can find therapists who the majority are bilingual and can connect with you culturally. You can filter your search based on location, speciality, LGBTQIA+ identity, migration status, insurance type, etc. I actually found my mom’s therapist on the directory! 💕 And I’m also part of the directory and currently accepting clients.😊

(Resources for this post: Mental Health America, Anxiety & Depression Association of America, Latinx Therapy) 

Save this post and share with the community 💚

Con amor,
Dra. Hernández @palantetherapy 

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Querida mamás inmigrantes… 📝

For those celebrating Mother’s Day today, feliz día de las mamis. I  penned this letter to all the mamis especially nuestras madres inmigrantes 💕

Sending un abrazo fuerte to those grieving a mother, to those unable to see their mother, to those who don’t have a relationship with their mother, to those who have an emotionally absent mother, to those who are navigating difficulties in motherhood, to new mothers, to those having to step into roles of motherhood, and to all mothers who are simply trying to figure it out as they go. 

Les mando mucha luz en este día ✨🤍💐
-Dra. Hernández @palantetherapy

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