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Querida mamás inmigrantes… 📝

For those celebrating Mother’s Day today, feliz día de las mamis. I  penned this letter to all the mamis especially nuestras madres inmigrantes 💕

Sending un abrazo fuerte to those grieving a mother, to those unable to see their mother, to those who don’t have a relationship with their mother, to those who have an emotionally absent mother, to those who are navigating difficulties in motherhood, to new mothers, to those having to step into roles of motherhood, and to all mothers who are simply trying to figure it out as they go. 

Les mando mucha luz en este día ✨🤍💐
-Dra. Hernández @palantetherapy

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Mi gente, this week I had the honor of speaking at the Women of Color Empowerment Group event at San Diego State University. 🩷 @sdsuhsi 

I had the opportunity to engage in a plática with the amazing @drhortenciajimenez about intergenerational healing through intersections of mental health, body image, and diet culture. I unapologetically invited all my identities into this sacred space because for so long, these identities carried shame. I am a proud First Generation Latina who is the eldest daughter of undocumented immigrants, who calls South Central LA home. As we discussed the intersects of cultura with intergenerational trauma and diet culture, my inner niña felt seen as I was often teased and bullied by my tíos former being a child in a bigger body and questioned how I was going to look in my quinceañera dress if I didn’t lose weight. 

We discussed the emotional, mental, social, and biological impact of intergenerational trauma on BIPOC communities. We called out oppressive systems that perpetuate Eurocentric ideology. We called in our ancestral wisdom and gifts that invite us to lean into intergenerational healing. We leaned into our comunidad as strength y honestamente, Que chingon me sentí being surrounded by resilient powerful women. 

And shoutout to my hubby for cheering me on. He sees a lot of the work I do behind the scenes but this time he had front row seats. 💕

I dedicate this keynote to my papí, my viejito who cleans the offices of a CEO in a produce company and even though he has an honest hardworking job, su hija también es una CEO y un día lo vamos a retirar 🥹.

May we unapologetically take up space anywhere we go, lean into intergenerational healing, and honor our ancestral gifts. Cargamos cultura, resiliencia, y fortaleza en la frente. 🌵

Siempre pa’delante! Dra. Hernández @palantetherapy 

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As a First Gen Latina professional, who lived most of her young adult years with her parents, I feared the licuadora going off or the sound of the paletero during my meetings. I recall feeling so anxious before my virtual meetings because I didn’t want to look “unprofessional.” I had to consistently tell my mom, “Ama, no vaya a moler nada en la próxima hora.” And then she would hit me the “ay sorry mija se me olvido.” 🫠 Anybody else relate? 😩

The cultural negotiations we have to do as First Gens often include navigating working from home in a multi-generational home. Sometimes it’s not as easy as just telling our parents or family members to ‘keep it down’ for the next hour. It may require more than this simple explanation. Often, our parents or family members who have never navigated educational or professional spaces have a hard time understanding why we need a quiet space for a given time or the nuances of meeting virtually. Perhaps a level of understanding might have increase as a result of COVID, but still not quite. 

If you’re a student or ‘professional’ working from home en una esquinita de tu casa and residing with your parents or family, please compassionately remind yourself that you’re doing the best that you can with the resources you have. Maybe you decide to plan for alternative ways to show up virtually but maybe it’s out of your capacity or control. If this is the case, take a long deep breath, remind yourself that you are capable regardless of your current home/environmental circumstance. 💚

Abrazos fuertes,
Dra. Hernández @palantetherapy ✨

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